Out of Hours

What to do in an emergency out of hours

If you have an emergency out of our normal practice hours you will need to visit the out-of-hours emergency service. We have staff onsite from 8:00am until 7:00pm, but do not have overnight staff. If you have an out of hours emergency, please call our Milehouse branch on 01752 567567, from there you will be automatically directed to the out-of-hours clinic, or you can call them directly on 01752 702646

Our out-of-hours provider is Plymouth Veterinary Group, Estover - directions below.

Plymouth Veterinary Group
Colwill Road

Please be aware that because of the nature of out-of-hours emergencies, a night-time or weekend appointment will be more expensive than seeing a vet during normal hours. Plymouth Veterinary Hospital will discuss initial costs with you over the phone and update you on costs before commencing treatment.