Nebulising Rats and Other Small Rodents

What is a nebuliser and why would we do this?

A nebuliser is a machine that turns a liquid into small vapour droplets. These droplets are small enough to get into your pet’s airway and can be used to carry medications into the airway.

We do this to help get adequate concentrations of medication into your pet’s lungs, and also as a preventative measurement to avoid recurrence of airway disease. It is common for rats to develop recurrent “snuffles” as a result of repeated infections damaging their protective mechanisms in their lungs. Daily nebulisation with an antiseptic can prevent this.

What do I need?

  • A nebuliser – any portable nebuliser will do. They are available from chemists and online.
  • Either a plastic pet carrier or large plastic container.
  • Saline – we can supply this in sterile bags or you can buy small single use vials online.

How often should I nebulise my pet?

Current recommendations are 30-45mins 2-3 times daily during the acute phase of the disease. This can be reduced to once daily for prevention.

What can go in the nebuliser?

  • Saline – helps bring up mucus
  • F10 – antiseptic solution, can be used to prevent recurrence
  • Acetylcysteine – thins mucus secretions
  • Baytril – antibiotic
  • Tylan – antibiotic
  • Aminophylline – helps open up the airways

How do I get my pet used to the nebuliser?

Make sure their tank contains some food or favourite treats, some bedding, and some toys.

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